Rocky View council elects Boehlke as reeve

By Enrique Massot
The County News

The newly elected Rocky View council has chosen Greg Boehlke as reeve for the first year of the 2017-2021 term.

After being nominated by Coun. Al Schule and with no further nominations being made, Boehlke was acclaimed for council’s top position during the Oct. 24 organizational meeting in which the new councillors were sworn-in.

“I thank you very much council for your support,” Boehlke said as he took his seat as reeve. “I appreciate it and (I am) looking forward to this year of a new start here for Rocky View County.”

Boehlke was Rocky View reeve for the last two years of the previous term.

After Schule declined a nomination as deputy reeve, Jerry Gautreau was nominated for the position and declared elected by acclamation when no other nominations were made.

Gautreau represents the eastern Div. 5 encompassing Delacour, Dalroy and Conrich, and was member of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for several years.

Div. 2 Springbank Coun. Kim McKylor was elected chair of the Policy and Priorities Committee (PPC) as the only councillor nominated for the position. The PPC is made up of all councillors and makes recommendations to council.

Div. 7 Coun. Daniel Henn was elected chair of the Agricultural Service Board, with Mark Kamachi of Div. 1 and Crystal Kissel of Div. 9 being elected as board’s council members.

Councillors Al Schule and Deputy Reeve Jerry Gautreau were elected as council members of the Family and Community Support Services Board.

Councillors Kevin Hanson of Div. 3 Elbow Valley; Crystal Kissel of Div. 9 and Samanntha Wright of Div. 8 Bearspaw were elected to be council members of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board / Enforcement Review Committee.

Due to the retirement of four previous councillors and the defeat of three incumbents in the election results, seven out of nine current members of council are first-time councillors.

Boehlke has represented Div. 6 since being first elected in 2004.

Schule is returning to council after being councillor and reeve from the late 1990s until the mid 2000s.

To see the full list of appointments click here.

  • Pat Sticker

    I agree it’s wonderful news to see Amazon invest in RVC.
    But to congratulate Boehlke et al is a bit of a stretch.
    Rumour has it the majority on the last council thought Amazon was a big forest in Africa.

  • aol

    Good job Boehlke. Thank you and some of your former councillors for bringing Amazon 750 jobs and 660000 square foot warehouse to RV. I am sure the people on this rag will have disparaging comments on this wonderful addition to RV. Glad to see some former council members had the foresight to take on the one time debt to get this whole humongous tax base going. Kudos to you all

  • G. Wilson

    Yes I’m sure his ego is through the roof, but you can’t fix “stupid” – nobody else wanted the reeve job! His shameful conduct will come back to bite him in the arse eventually.

  • Simple Simon

    Congratulations!! Just think. He can turn off microphones and have residents ordered out of council for another year.