CrossIron Mills traffic impacts residents

Enrique Massot
The County News

After businesses owners complained about increased crime and insufficient enforcement, residents in a nearby subdivision are feeling the impact of traffic originated by a large commercial development approved in Balzac east.

“Sharp Hills is the only subdivision having a road going through it from Airdrie to CrossIron Mills,” said resident Bill Lescheysen.

On May 14, Lescheysen appeared in front of councillors meeting as members of the Infrastructure and Operations committee, to request a solution to speeding traffic and the litter and noise that comes with it.

“When spring comes, motorcycles are pretty noisy,” he said.

Residents conducted their own independent traffic assessment, which showed that over 35 per cent of the traffic cuts through the subdivision. Some measures attempted to discourage

“Signs have little effect,” he said. “Enforcement would be the biggest deterrent.”

However, he added, “police are too busy to take my complaints.”

Township Road 264 and Sharp Hill Way entice drivers coming from Airdrie as a shortcut to the Balzac shopping centre.

“It’s perceived to be faster,” said Lescheysen, who added he no longer walks on those roads.

Area Coun. Lois Habberfield said she has been made aware of the concerns.

However, she said, “I do not mean to be argumentative, but everybody can drive on a residential street.”

The commitee decided to direct administration to study potential solutions and bring a report back in September.

Byron Riemann, manager of Infrastructure and Operations, said staff will attempt to implement mitigation measures such as directional signs in the meantime.


  • Brian Blondahl

    “I do not mean to be argumentative, but everybody can drive on a residential street.” How sensitive! You can’t print what I have to say about her.