Little Creek Association and Rough Fescue: flower walk

This Friday, July 12, participate of a flower walk at the old Morrison House in Grand Valley, in the northwestern corner of Rocky View.

The event, organized by the Little Creek and Rough Fescue (LCARF) starts 9 a.m. and will consist of an hour of easy walking through the farm’s pastures.

Participants will then share a potluck snack.

For directions for the old Morrison House phone 403-932-3539.

LCARF Open Day June 29

The Little Creek Association and Rough Fescue (LCARF) Open Day at the Old Morrison House featured a presentation from Sandi Riemersma of Palliser Environmental.

Local agricultural producers heard that it is now possible through the latest DNA testing to trace exactly the source species by species of fecal coliforms in river water.

The environmental consultant is working with LCARF to produce a Baseline Water Monitoring in Horse Creek.

Surprisingly, Riemersma said, the source of over 20 per cent of fecal coliform in reaches of the Milk River is…you guessed: cliff swallows!

A talk on local geology showed that the Grand Valley area teeters between two formations – the Paskapoo and the Cardium.

Lethbridge-based Norine Ambrose from Cows and Fish led a plant walk during which she identified native grasses, wild flowers and a couple of noxious weeds. A couple of those, toadflax and black henbane, were sourced from near Cochrane’s recreation centre in Cochrane.

Sarah Leete, president of LCARF, thanked those who could not make it due to helping elsewhere with clean ups.

“We missed you but there will be another time for sure,” she said.

Leete thanked LCARF Board members and neighbours who helped to organize the event.