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Opinion: Raging controversy over RV2020 advertisement

By Janet Ballantyne Rocky View Forward As the spokesperson for Rocky View Forward, I would like to comment on Rocky view 2020’s advertising in the Rocky View Weekly.  We have absolutely no problem with RV2020 advertising during the election campaign.  We expected them to and are doing the same ourselves.  We do, however, object to […]

Opinion: What’s harmonic about Harmony?

The County Plan says it’s a hamlet; its developer calls it a village; its planned population—10,000—could make it qualify as a city. For now, its future site is farmland, a good fit for the adjacent, busy Springbank Airport. Houses would be a different thing. If you haven’t heard before the history of how Harmony came […]

Opinion-Election contribution transparency needed

The refusal of City of Calgary politicians to consider better disclosure and limit financial donations to candidates is nothing short of disappointing. On March 31, City council defeated Coun. Druh Farrell’s initiative to lobby the province for a change in electoral rules, trying to put a limit on the amount of money that can be donated […]

Opinion-Rocky View should focus on real priorities

Simone Byers – for the County News Online Usually when we are planning our household budgets we list our spending priorities and make every attempt to not exceed our income with our expenses.  Is it too much to ask Rocky view County Council to operate with the same consideration?  Most of us are constantly striving […]

Opinion—Growth not necessarily a good thing

  John McMurray – For the County News Online  In a Letter to the Editor of the Rocky View Weekly posted March 17, Eric Lowther makes a case for development. It is surprising to read that the executive director of a developers’ group doesn’t like a “self-serving approach,” because “self-serving” is practically the mission statement of […]

Opinion – What fuels development enthusiasts?

Kim Magnuson – For the County News Online It is both humourous and sad that Cindy Turner and Eric Lowther wrote letters to the Editor in the March 18 Rocky View Weekly. The humour is that both were completely funded in their election campaigns by developers. Lowther accepted $30,000 and Turner $20,000, with neither one contributing a dime of their own […]

Opinion: Council reaches new low with censorship vote

Those keeping an eye on Rocky View County politics have seen such things as routine in-camera meetings with no apparent purpose; a chair summoning councillors to “breaks” in the backroom when some members showed disagreement, and dragging along then stopping meetings when one faction did not have enough votes. However, there is no memory of […]


All rolled up into one: municipal marijuana bylaws Gerard Lucyshyn For the County News Online   Just in time for Christmas! Rocky View Council and the county staff are looking to spread a little bit of christmas bud. Unanimously passing a resolution, Council has instructed the county staff to light up the new year with […]


Rocky View on the news…for the wrong reasons Readers react to Elbow Valley fire station’s Sunday closure Calgary Herald readers are reacting to the news that Rocky View County’s newly opened fire station had to close its doors Sunday August 18 when only two firefighters were staffing the station. You can view the story at: […]


Who’s your daddy? Al Sacuta For the County News Online   If there were any doubt that the Bingham 5 (Rolly, Paul, Greg, Lois, and Earl) are lackeys for the development industry, all such doubt was removed at the 16-July and 23-July council meetings. The play: On 16 July, the council agenda includes the Bingham […]