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Sept. 26, 2017



(Editor’s note): The following text appeared as an ad in the Rocky View Weekly on Sept. 26.

By Jerry Arshinoff
Councillor, Division 2

I have been accused of being the “Anti-Everything Councillor”. Technically, that’s not accurate – I have voted in favour of about 85% of all matters that have come before Council. My accusers do, however, have a valid point.

I have voted against many of the substantive things this Council has done. In no particular order, I have voiced strong opposition to Council’s action (or inaction) on issues such as:

  • Failure to make crime prevention and flood control priorities
  • Failure to provide responsible and transparent spending
  • Failure to address the inequities in the current or the proposed Transportation Off-site Levy
  • Failure to strongly, publicly and repeatedly oppose the Springbank Dry Dam (SR1)
  • Failure to implement promised electoral changes to address possible fraudulent voting Failure to give proper attention to recreation facilities, pathways and roads
  • Failure to effectively deal with the County’s colossal debt
  • Failure to address concerns of adjacent residents after a new development has been built and the developer is long gone
  • Wasting $42 million on a new county office building
  • Subsidizing large developments
  • Allowing developers to pay for their own Area Structure Plans which in turn allows those developers to save steps in the planning process and further ensures the approval of their own plan.
  • This is the new way RV Council is trying to avoid resident input – they want to shut you up. You need to put the “Anti-Everything” accusation into context. It’s from large developers and their agents, most of whom don’t even live in Rocky View. It is also from current and prospective members of Council who are financially supported by these developers. Their perspectives on Council’s priorities are not the same as mine.

I do not mean this to be a criticism of them. Rather, I want to clarify what it is I do stand for and what I do not support. I have also been fairly accused of not co-operating with the Council majority. I don’t deny that – I’m not willing to compromise my principles to be a team player on a “team” that consistently and repeatedly fails to make RV resident concerns the absolute top priority.

I have always fought for residents’ rights and will continue to do so. I am sincerely hoping that the new Council will have a strong “resident first” priority. If it does, you will see that I can be an extremely effective team player but I will not now – or ever – be a team player on a team that disregards the best interests of Rocky View residents.

Finally, I am the ultimate believer in the democratic system. I hope that those of you who agree with my positions will come out and vote for me. If you don’t agree, you should vote for someone else. I am not going to attempt to get a few extra votes by diluting or softening my stance on these major issues. Written and paid for by Jerry Arshinoff – your current and hopefully future Springbank Councillor. (Paid from my five children’s future inheritance – please don’t tell them) Thanks for reading this,