Arshinoff: resident update Sept. 10

By Jerry Arshinoff
Councillor, Div. 2 Springbank

Springbank Fall Fair


Saturday: The Springbank Park for All Seasons (SPFAS)​ had another very successful Fall Fair. Thank you to all the many , many workers, organizers, etc who put in so much time and effort to make it so good. I would mention specific names but it would be a long list and I might inadvertently omit some.

Bottom line: Well done – very, very well done.

Reminder – Rural Crime Watch 

It is very unfortunate , although not surprising, that Rural Crime Watch has become necessary. Rocky View’s efforts to change Springbank from farming and country residential to urban and semi urban means we have to expect urban type problems. That is especially true since RV has given us the urban type problems without urban type solutions  – namely police patrols , something a new Council will hopefully deem as a priority.
Nevertheless the crime rate has increased and we all must do what we can to ensure SB remains a safe, vibrant community. Rural Crime Watch certainly helps but its effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of participants. It is, in essence, a case of everyone watching out for their neighbours. Everyone should join. If you have not yet done so please contact :

Transportation Off Site Levy (TOL)

As previously mentioned, the TOL has been postponed. It is possible the new TOL will be based on a per door, instead of a per acre, levy. This would be good, really good.
A variety of small landowners  have asked me for advice. Since I don’t know what Council will decide I cannot predict if the new TOL will be advantageous or disadvantageous in any individual case. However, if you own five acres or less and wish to sell, for example, two acres, it may be worthwhile to apply now.
If so you should ask admin to give you the amount of your TOL in writing.

Related Note: It is administration’s intention to get a Council’s decision on the TOL prior to the election. ​That’s not entirely bad. ​If the current Council chooses another very unfair TOL, a new Council can still change it.​

Voting Polls and Regulations

Attached is a document titled 2017 Election Fact Sheet – Setting the Record Straight, sent by administration to councillors in order to allow them to answer residents’ questions concerning voting procedures and possible past or future irregularities. This “fact sheet” has numerous problems, some of which are:
  • If a Council member knows so little that he or she needs this “fact sheet,” they shouldn’t be voting on the matter
  • The “fact sheet” is very demeaning to the firefighters who went out of their way to hold a free scrutineer school for members of the public and to offer to help in any way possible at no cost
  • They deserve our appreciation, not Rocky View’s ​attempt to de-legitimize ​their efforts
  • I​t does not mention any controls to ensure​, among other things, that​ no one votes more than once
  • T​o put it simply, what it says about a Voters’ List is just not true
  • I​t does correctly state that there has never been an official objection. It doesn’t say that to file an official objection the complainant must go to court at a minimum cost of $20,000, none of which is reimbursable regardless of the court decision
  • T​he “fact sheet” says : “No one who witnessed voting irregularities first hand in Rocky View County has come forward.” (​There were numerous complaints). The statement is, word for word true, but only to the extent that “come forward” means no one has been willing to undergo the time and expense of going to court
  • The “fact sheet” also states “no evidence of voting irregularities has been presented or found” – also true but ​same as above.T​he essence of the matter is that proper controls cost nothing and are not an inconvenience to anyone
Wh​at’s the problem?​