Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Opinion: RCR Wintergreen application falls short

By Enrique Massot The County News Citing several missing items, Rocky View staff report has recommended council to turn down an application to redevelop the former Wintergreen ski hill as a large residential and commercial complex. The ball is now in council’s court. To be sure, council has the power to follow its administration’s advice […]

Administration recommends refusal of Wintergreen redevelopment plan

By Enrique Massot The County News Rocky View administrators are advising council to turn down a development proposing about 285 residential units, a village core and a commercial component in the Wintergreen area. The proposal of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, which would house about 900 residents in lands where a ski hill used to […]

Tri-River reservoir a better option than Springbank, consultant says

By Enrique Massot The County News  Controlling the flow of three rivers at once could allow much better flood mitigation than the Springbank dam and off-stream reservoir, a civil engineer says. “There are four rivers causing flood,” said Dr. Emile Gabriel. “If we work on one river only we are missing the other three.” Gabriel, […]

Rocky View to consider Wintergreen redevelopment Nov. 28

A proposal to redevelop a former ski hill as a 300-home subdivision is going in front of the Rocky View council on Tuesday, Nov. 28. Consideration of the proposal is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will include a public hearing where residents and stakeholders will be able to present to council. According to […]

Rocky View opposes regional planning

By Enrique Massot The County News  As the provincial government announces its implementation, Rocky View remains opposed to regional planning and argues the current system works fine. “For many years now, Rocky View County has followed the principles of sound regional planning,” notes an official County release. “We’ve worked with our many neighbouring cities, towns, districts, and […]

Alternative flood mitigation plan to be presented at Redwood Meadows

Calgary group says the Tri-River Joint Reservoir (TRJR) should be studied as an alternative to the Springbank Dry Dam Off-Stream Reservoir. . Proponents say the plan would provide upstream management of three rivers (Elbow, Sheep and Highwood), giving better protection for downstream communities including Bragg Creek and Redwood Meadows. . Watch video about the TRJR proposal. . […]